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**This story contains omorashi. Do not read or comment if this isn't your thing.

Yuuko was sitting in seventh period taking notes when a sudden urge hit her. She hasn't used the bathroom all day and now after many frequent stops to the water fountain, the pressure was starting to get to her. She dismissed the feel and decided that she could wait until after class, crossing her legs tightly to prevent anything "bad" happening. As the class went by, it seemed like time would not move any faster. It seemed like she had been taking notes forever and couldn't seem to get rid of the nagging feeling in her bladder. It became a constant switch of leg crossings; right, left, right, left. It was the only thing she could do to stop the feeling from becoming worse than it already is. She was the student council president and Miss Academics for the past two years she has been in high school. If people found out about her distress, people would shake her off for the wrong person and her reputation would be ruined. It took all the strength she had not hold herself in front of the entire classroom, when something as high as her rewards and posture was at stake. She couldn't afford a childish move like that.

The pain soon became so much that she couldn't concentrate any longer on the task at hand, but controlling her bladder instead. Her legs shook up and down and her body squirmed subtly in her chair. She was hoping that no one would notice but unfortunately some people already had. She felt a soft tap on her shoulder and out of shock she felt a small bit squeeze out into her panties. She squeezed her thighs tighter together before turning around to face her good friend and Vice President Akako. "Are you alright?" She whispered in Yuuki's ear with concern in her voice. Yuuki bit her lip before saying anything in response. She wasn't sure if she should tell her about her dilemma, Akako was her best friend after all. But Akako also had a terrible reputation for being a blabber mouth of the school.

"I'm not feeling so hot…" she said sheepishly before squeezing her thighs tighter underneath her desk. She pulled on the sides of her pleated uniform skirt and hoped for the best that nothing else squeaked out. Akako looked back at me with a worried look, her eyes sparkling in the fluorescent lighting of the school. "Maybe you should go see the nurse?" She suggested, tilting her head to the side. Looking at the clock, Yuuki realized that there wasn't much time left in class. She shook her head and whispered a soft thanks to her before saying; "I think I can make it home."

Turning around, Yuuki's ambitious mind kicked into gear. 'No. I will make it home.' she thought to herself before repeating the same pattern she had before. Right cross, left cross, bounce, squirm, tap, repeat. 'Hold it in Yuuki…' She thought biting her tongue. 'hold it in.' Looking up at the clock there was only five minutes left until the final bell rang, Yuuki knew she could make it. She continued to repeat the sequence of bumps and jiggles until the bell finally rang. Without thinking, Yuuki sat up quickly from her seat. While another bit squeezed out, Yuuki froze with a start carefully making sure no more came out. Her panties were slowly getting wet and sooner or later the dam would burst and it would leak. Pulling down on her skirt, she shuffled out into the hallway and towards her locker with her legs pressed together. It was hard for Yuuki to walk like this so slowly but surely she made it to her locker with minimal leaking.

As quickly as she could, Yuuki grabbed her books and coat out of her locker and hurried to the front door and began her walk home. Thankful, Yuuki only had a short walk home to her apartment complex so she tried as best as she could to get home as fast as she could. Yuuki took the back ally home so in case she did have a wet spot, no one would take notice. Slinking around the back of a shopping complex, another wave of urgency hit her. She dropped her books and shoved both her hands into her crotch taking a part of her skirt with her. This time it was more than a little leak, it was more of a short stream from a contraction from her bladder. After the line was finished, Yuuki was sure she had a wet spot on her uniform. Her light pink panties were now stained a darker shade and filled to their wits with urine. Yet, Yuuki still had to keep going. She had a full bladder to empty and she had to empty it now.

After a few more minutes of strenuous walking, Yuuki finally made it to her apartment complex. The futuristic building sat on the corner of a main road, its bright white paint shining in the light. Yuuki hustled through the front glass doors and headed towards the elevators. It was a short ride up to the fifth floor where Yuuki lived alone, and then it would be freedom from there. Alas, when she got to the metallic doors, a sign on them read; "ELEVATOR BROKEN. PLEASE USE STEPS." Yuuki sighed heavily and crouched over as another wave hit her.

"This isn't my lucky day." She huffed as she carefully made her way to the staircase at the back of the building. She took each step carefully, making sure nothing leaked out. If anymore would come out, Yuuki would be ruined along with her uniform and the steps she was standing on. Reaching the third floor, another spurt shot out and trickled down her right leg. She moaned in pain and managed to stop the leak before it grew any stronger. Thankful for her bladder of steel, she knew she wouldn't have made it by now. Finally, after one hundred steps, Yuuki made it to the top floor. The small wet spot on the front of her skirt had grown to the size of a baseball and the front hem was wrinkled from constant clutching. Making her way to the front door, she noticed the lock had been tampered with and the door was open.

Being the curious person she is, Yuuki walked right in on a trap. A man dressed in all black and a ski mask stood in her living room taking her jewelry and prized possessions. He looked at her in shock and then ran over to her stiffened body. He grabbed her by the neck and raised her into the air. Yuuki tried to scream but the sound was muffled by his fist. This frightening experience cause a spurt of urine to shoot out of her crotch and down her leg, the warm water sending a chill down her spine.  He carried her past the bathroom and flung her out onto the porch, shutting and locking the door behind her. He turned his back on Yuuki who was now frantically grabbing herself to stop from peeing.
Turning back around, he spotted her in distress and gave a sly smirk. He grabbed some rope out of her pocket and returned back to the porch. "Does someone have to go potty?" He asked in a sing-song voice that was the least bit reassuring. Grabbing Yuuki once again and banded her wrists around the door's handle and returned back to the living room.

Yuuki was now bent over herself, forcing herself to push together her legs together in this tough position. It was her only way to keep herself together since she could no longer use her hands. Minutes past and the criminal was still lurking around her apartment. And Yuuki's bladder was reaching its end. Leak after leak came by and Yuuki's underwear was soaked completely after three minutes. Soon, the frilly panties couldn't take anymore the leaks began to trickle down her legs. The leaks soon became streams and the entire bottom of her skirt was soaking wet. How much torture could she take?

But Yuuki's pride was taking control. She would not wet herself in front of this deranged man. She began to kick on the glass door, trying to get his attention and trying to get her neighbor's attention as well. But the man was too strong. He grabbed more rope and came outside tying both her legs apart on the porch's banister. "That should stop your kicking." He said with a smirk and walked back into the house.

The end was coming near, without being able cross her legs or hold herself Yuuki could feel her bladder releasing. First came a subtle contraction, spurts of urine falling down onto the porch and down her leg. Then it all came out at once. The dam finally burst and a river of urine shot out of her bladder. It cascaded in all directions; down her legs, into her legwarmers and shoes, onto the concrete, and all through her skirt. Its heat burned and Yuuki let off a soft moan. As she continued to piss, a wave of relief hit her. It was extremely embarrassing to wet herself when she was sixteen years old but it felt so good to release what she had been holding in all day.

Thirty seconds past and Yuuki still hadn't stopped. She was shocked at how much she had held in all day and pleaded it to stop. This was worse than holding it in all day, she felt like she was standing nude in an auditorium full of people. But this time, she was standing in the spotlight soiling herself. The stream was strong and powerful, forming an over-sized puddle around her feet. She began to break down in sobs, hot tears flying out of her eyes as the stream came to a slow stop and finally ceased.

The man left the house in a hurry leaving Yuuki tied up on her porch. She stood and cried for what seemed like an hour when she began wondering when someone would come to her rescue. As she began to think about things she realized she had to pee again...
Another omo story I wrote, this one better than the first. Please enjoy!
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pokemontrainergirl Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I can relate to this..... so much. I almost never use the bathroom at school. It's always crowded.. so yeah, I can relate..
Creative-Inversion Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2011
That was amazing! :D Great work!
JackHarknessHarter Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2011

Thatw as probably the best omorashi story I've ever read. * - *
I love it!
R-Daemonski Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Jinglezzzz Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2010
moomin123: Thank you very much! I like girl omo better, it's easier to write too. :p

ilovemy3cats: No, not yet. But I'm working on part two right now. ;)
ilovemy3cats Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
is there a part 2?
moomin123 Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2010
That was great! You create a great build up and description! I'm not normally into girl omorashi, but that was great ;)
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